Kent Hughes's phone is already ringing a lot

Published January 23, 2022 at 10:38

Not even a week after taking on his new role as Executive Director, Kent Hughes is already receiving a lot of calls. Indeed, it would seem that several general managers across the Bettman circuit would have made a phone call to Hughes to welcome him and indicate their interest in closing a deal with the Habs.

However, trades should not be expected to be completed in the coming days. First of all, Hughes mentioned that he was going to take the time to get to know the players in the organization and give himself some time before moving.

Moreover, the situation with the salary cap prevents many NHL formations from moving right away. They therefore want to do so at a time closer to the trade deadline in order to create space below the salary cap.

The next few weeks will be very interesting to follow outside the ice. The trade deadline is less than two months away, on Monday, March 21.
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