Kent Hughes takes many by surprise and reveals his number one priority

Published July 14, 2022 at 4:37 PM

Today, Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes finally held his press conference, virtually, and the topic that came up the most was the Jeff Petry file.

At the very beginning of the press conference, Hughes surprised many by getting straight to the point and being 100% transparent: there are currently discussions for a trade involving Petry and it's his number one priority to get it done.

"We're talking to a few teams about Jeff Petry. That's our priority." -Kent Hughes, via Marc Antoine Godin

"Hughes says he's continuing talks to trade Petry, which is his priority." - John Lu

On the other hand, Hughes has a price in mind and he doesn't want to deviate from that price.

"We don't want to keep salary or give away hopes that another team will take him. We don't have a lot of depth right now on the blue line." - Kent Hughes on Jeff Petry.

So if Petry is traded, expect 100% of his salary to leave with him and don't expect to see Hughes add a pick or a youngster. We love it! (Ideally, Hughes would love to get his hands on some pieces for the future)

For the full press briefing. If you want to listen to the beginning, you'll understand why many were surprised. He is very transparent and talks openly about a possible trade involving Jeff Petry. It really makes a change from the Marc Bergevin era. The difference is incredible:

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Kent Hughes takes many by surprise and reveals his number one priority

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