Kent Hughes spoke about his priorities as the Habs' new GM!

Jeff Drouin
January 19, 2022  (5:33 PM)

Kent Hughes, the Canadiens' new general manager, had his first media bath in Montreal.

We learned a lot about Jeff Gorton's new dance partner. One thing is for sure, his French is very good for someone who speaks mostly in English in his job.
He had no problem accepting the GM position, considering it was the Montreal Canadiens. He is very happy to be back home.
He even admitted that he once turned down a job with the New York Rangers, which was led by Jeff Gorton. Why did he turn it down? It wasn't the Montreal Canadiens.
One of the things he talked about was his short-term goals. He won't make any hasty moves, given that he just got the job. He will focus on getting to know the people in the organization and the players. Then he and Jeff Gorton will look at a plan for the trade deadline. They will both head to Vegas to join the team.
There will be changes, that's for sure. He wants to build a winning team.
Hughes even admitted that he wants an offensive-oriented, fast-paced team. He wants to create a modern organization, one that the players will want to be a part of.
He and Jeff Gorton are obviously strong advocates of advanced stats.
He is very confident with his abilities. He believes he is the right man for the Montreal Canadiens.
Concerning the friendly relationship that Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes would have maintained over the years, it's a lot of fluff. They were not friends, but rather two good hockey heads who have a lot of respect for each other.
Both men will be evaluating potential candidates to fill a chair at the administrative level as an assistant to the GM. People interviewed for the GM position may very well be considered.
From what we understand, it was Geoff Molson who suggested Hughes first and not Jeff Gorton. There was no favoritism, according to the team owner.
The Habs' owber's biggest wish regarding Carey Price? His health.
Despite the team's miserable season, no player has asked to be traded, according to Jeff Gorton.
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