Kent Hughes is currently working on a possible trade involving Mike Hoffman

Published June 20, 2022 at 10:26

According to what the ever-reliable David Pagnotta (The Fourth Period) reports, we shouldn't be surprised if we learn, in the next few hours, that Mike Hoffman has been traded by the Montreal Canadiens.

"Mike Hoffman's name has been circulating a lot on the NHL trade market, over the past few days" - Pagnotta, who adds that several teams are reportedly in the running.

His name has been coming up a lot in trade discussions and, especially with the acquisition of Evgenii Dadonov, we should expect Hoffman to leave.

He is far from untouchable, especially after the disappointing season he just had in Montreal.

"More trades are coming for Montreal." - Pagnotta

Hoffman, 32, earns 4.5 million per season through 2024 (contract signed with Marc Bergevin). He has 15 goals and 35 total points in 67 games with the Montreal Canadiens.

For a purely offensive player, this is not enough and on top of that, his contract is becoming heavy for Kent Hughes. It is therefore logical to learn here that the GM of the Montreal Canadiens is working on a possible trade involving him.

The other general managers are calling anyway!

What would you expect to receive, in exchange for Hoffman, if you were in Kent Hughes' shoes?

One thing is for sure, we would be very surprised to see him back in Montreal next year.

"At least one of Hoffman or Dadonov won't be with the Canadiens for the first game of the 2022-23 season. I hope so." - Grant McCagg

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Kent Hughes is currently working on a possible trade involving Mike Hoffman

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