Kent Hughes is attending an important meeting today

Published March 28, 2022 at 1:24 PM

After the trade deadline, Kent Hughes will experience his first first meeting of NHL general managers in Palm Beach, Florida. He has already made his entrance with his counterparts.

In the coming days, many issues will be discussed, including the thorny question of payroll during the playoffs and the use of the long-term injured list.

Regarding a cap during the playoffs, Pierre LeBrun reported in a recent article that a dozen GMs would have expressed their desire to see a salary cap in the playoffs, or at least to discuss the subject.

It will be interesting to see how the NHL handles the issue and more importantly, whether or not Hughes will be in favor of it. However, it would be surprising if we knew who was in or out. One thing is for sure, discussing it will only be beneficial to the NHL.

Just this Monday morning, the Vegas Golden Knights took advantage of the system's largesse once again. They placed forward Reilly Smith on the long-term injured list, freeing up $5 million on their payroll. That's not counting the fact that Smith will be able to join their lineup for the playoffs if they qualify.

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Kent Hughes is attending an important meeting today

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