Kent Hughes' first possible trade today is revealed

Published March 21, 2022 at 10:21

On this much anticipated NHL trade deadline day, it's pretty quiet this morning. Admittedly, this was to be expected, due to the last few days' action on the market, but we may finally have our first deal completed by Kent Hughes.

It is minor though.

According to reports from Patrick Lortie, and Calgary reporter Salim Valji, the Flames have called Kent Hughes to acquire Mathieu Perreault. A deal would possibly be in place.

Perreault would possibly be traded to Calgary, at the end of the day, for a 7th round pick. This would be one of the transactions that will be announced at 2:59pm.

More details will follow!

Remember that Perreault has admitted, in press conferences in recent days, that he is open to being traded, if it allows him to get closer to the Stanley Cup.

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Kent Hughes' first possible trade today is revealed

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