Kent Hughes and the CH have just placed two players on the trade market, including a surprise

Published November 24, 2022 at 1:17 PM

As is the case every year around December, the trade market is starting to heat up in the National Hockey League, and now the excellent tipster Frank Seravalli has released his list of 20 players to watch on the trade market.

On this famous list, we find two Montreal Canadiens players (one top-20 player and one honorable mention)

Sean Monahan

It's really surprising, but the player targeted here is Sean Monahan. He is (according to Seravalli) among the top 20 players to watch very carefully on the trade market.

He would be the Habs player most likely to be traded soon.

"Sean Monahan
Center, Montreal Canadiens
Age: 28 years old
Stats: 18 games, 3 goals, 7 assists, 10 points
Contract: Unrestricted free agent this summer, $6.375 million AAV

Scoop: What a great story, he recovered from a major hip surgery, and this injury will have cost him his spot in Calgary. The Flames were forced to give a first round pick (to the Canadiens) to get rid of his contract.

Monahan can still be an ideal third center for a contending team, what a magnificent management by CH general manager Kent Hughes and his cronies." - Daily Faceoff

Honestly, Sean Monahan really isn't the first player we'd trade, but hey, we're just reporting the news.

How about you, would you trade him? For what? For (another) first round pick?

In short, this is a file to watch, especially since Seravalli is generally very reliable. In any case, buyers are starting to part ways with sellers and we can expect some movement soon.

Evgenii Dadonov

In closing, on his "DFO" podcast, Seravalli also mentioned Evgenii Dadonov's name among his honorable mentions of players likely to be traded in the near future.

In Dadonov's case, it's not as surprising, but he would also be in play. For details and the complete list:

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Kent Hughes and the CH have just placed two players on the trade market, including a surprise

Would you trade Sean Monahan for a first round pick?

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No2631.7 %
He is not worth a 1st89.8 %
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