Kaiden Guhle submitted a sentence that says it all about his maturity

Published December 9, 2021 at 12:53

This morning, we presented Kaiden Guhle's winning goal with his new team, the Edmonton Oil Kings. The video clip in question shows how mature this individual is as a hockey player. Here is the sequence again:

But, as all the experts were screaming during the training camp and the Montreal Canadiens' preparation games, Guhle remains a mature player as his game shows.

The way he handles himself as a defenseman, looking like a more mobile Shea Weber, and the way he presents himself in front of the cameras make him a unique player. In an interview conducted by Vincent Savard of "Canada-info", Guhle again came out more mature than his age.

When asked, "I know the Montreal Canadiens organization says you're a more defensive-minded defenseman. You got 2 points tonight and you are now at 17 points in 18 games. Moreover, it's your last year of junior before making the jump to the American or National Hockey League. Do you plan on playing more offensively?"

"I don't think so. I'm just going to stick to my game. I don't care about wanting to play more offensively."

Such a perfect answer from a guy who doesn't have a big head! To me, that says it all. This guy will be playing with the Montreal Canadiens in the VERY near future.

Source: canada-info
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