Jonathan is doing well and is truly in great shape, here is the proof!

Published August 3, 2021 at 12:16

Two days ago, we reported that Jonathan Drouin was back on the ice for a possible return to action.

The latest had left the Montreal Canadiens organization last season, due to personal reasons. However, it seems that Jonathan Drouin is in great shape, as Marc Bergevin had announced in a press conference a few weeks ago.

Some people must have been skeptical about this news. However, a picture surfaced on Twitter, where we can see Jonathan Drouin with Francis Paquet, owner of FC Authentic. Drouin does indeed look in great shape and ready to return to the Canadiens' fold.

It's easy to see that Drouin exudes joy and motivation to get back on the ice. What a joy to see him in such a state of mind!
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