Joel Armia just sent out a message and he's doing Kent Hughes a favor

Published May 28, 2022 at 8:04 PM

Today, Finland defeated the United States, at home, in the World Hockey Championship and thus, they reach the grand final!

You can guess that they were extremely happy and the crowd went wild.

The Finns won thanks to the brilliance of Joel Armia, again, he is having an exceptional tournament!

Armia scored the winning goal:

The Montreal Canadiens' Finnish forward is indeed doing his boss, Kent Hughes, a big favor by increasing his trade value because yes, this kind of performance can make a difference.

He is sending a clear message that he can still be an important player for a team, in important moments.

Armia had an impressive seven points, including four goals.

If the Hughes-Gorton duo wants to trade him, it will definitely be easier today. (compared to before the tournament)

Why trade him at all?

Simply because he currently commands an annual salary of $3.4 million until 2025.

That's what Kent Hughes would like to get rid of.

He could be an ideal candidate for a CH trade, because Montreal will need to free up space under the salary cap for the opening of the free-agent market, if they want to make big signings and impact acquisitions.

What would you ask for in exchange for Joel Armia? Would you prefer to keep him?
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Joel Armia just sent out a message and he's doing Kent Hughes a favor

Trade or keep Armia?

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