Jeff Petry has put his finger on the Canadiens' weakness

Jeff Drouin
October 27, 2021  (10:06)

How to write about the performance of the Montreal Canadiens without using a 2321 words text? Let's go like this: lack of preparation, lack of commitment, lack of leadership, lack of confidence, lack of intensity, lack of chemistry, disorganized defensively, constantly boxing out with the puck, bad in the face-off circle, bad bench management...

I mean, in life, wanting to work is a CHOICE. The best example of this happened before our eyes on Tuesday night, when Brandon Tanev, a limited talent player, opted to work and play physical.
Here's what Petry had to say:
«We talked about it after the first, those plays 5 feet from our blue line and 5 feet from theirs,» Petry said. «We just continue to turn pucks over and give them odd-man rushes. We knew they're a team that played a counter game and played a fast-paced game. We can't do that against a team like that. And we did.»
«We're in the same position than less than a week ago,» he said. «It's the same game we played in Buffalo, the same game we played against the Sharks, and it doesn't work. It's frustrating.»
The Canadiens decided not to put on the work boots, showing that the night before had put some lead in their skates. Jeff Petry had the perfect summary of yesterday's game: "We were disconnected from each other!
Isn't a road trip the perfect time to connect and build chemistry? The nice words quickly faded away to make room for inappropriate behavior.
However, there was a positive side to the Montreal Canadiens in this sleepy game: the Habs had their first perfect night on the power play this season.
The result: the Habs lost 5-1 in Seattle, a place they haven't played in a century. They allowed the first goal of the game for the 6th time this season... then it's the 3rd time they allowed 3 unanswered goals.
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