Jayden Struble has an inordinate amount of confidence

Published September 3, 2021 at 11:06

Jayden Struble was selected in the 2nd round (46th overall) in the 2019 amateur auction, and once he was selected, it was quickly apparent that the young man had astronomical confidence and a monstrous physique. Struble is big, fast, physical, creative and moves his feet briskly, making him a very complete asset that the Montreal Canadiens have.

However, as Anthony Martineau stated in his post about Struble, the Montreal Canadiens prospect's nasty groin injury is now a thing of the past. The white horse is ready to show his dominance as he enters his third season at Northeastern University. Let's just say that his confidence is sky high and that's an understatement...

"As of today, I can confirm that I haven't felt this good in years. I'm very excited! Finally!"

He's had this injury for too long, but now that he's finally feeling 100%, he's ready to showcase the full extent of his immense talent. He will prove that he had the makings of a first round pick in his draft year. On the subject of the injury, Struble said a meeting with a specific doctor changed everything.

"I found out it was a hamstring problem. It was very bad. But the news is now very good! I went to Florida a few weeks ago to see a new doctor. I got a new diagnosis. The doctor who saw me was honestly amazing. He is probably the smartest guy I have ever met. He provided me with a new, very detailed plan and referred me to a specialist who helped me by suggesting several strengthening exercises as well. I feel like new!"

I remind you once again, his confidence level is at its highest:

"I have often been bothered by injuries in recent years, but my talent has never disappeared. The difference is that this year, you're going to see what a healthy Jayden Struble looks like. I want to make a big impact. This time I'm going into the schedule pain-free and with two varsity seasons under my belt. I know what to expect from the league and I want to be dominant. I want to be noticed on the ice. Offensively, I want to show everyone that I can contribute a lot. Of course, expect a lot of physical presence from me as well."

More confidence?

"I don't know if I want to give away my goal. The number is very, very high. But I believe in my abilities. I look at the chances I had last year, I pair that with the work I did this summer and I come to one conclusion: my impact in the opposing zone will be very big next season."

Then, I saved the most succulent statement for last. The dessert, as they say!

"It's true that there is a lot of talent in the young backs belonging to the team. But you haven't seen my full potential yet. In fact, I will have the impact I want in the NHL! I know I have everything in my hands to control my destiny. There is no limit to what I can bring."

Wow! I love it! If he puts his money where his mouth is, he will certainly become the biggest steal of the last few years for the Montreal Canadiens.
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