Jake Evans went back on the "Mark Scheifele" incident

Published October 7, 2021 at 9:58

Jake Evans spoke with the 5 to 7 guys on Wednesday, and then his interview showed a lot of leadership flowing through him. He spoke like a leader, and he's ready to take bigger bites, thanks to his more primary role with the Montreal Canadiens. He feels ready to take on this challenge and prove that he is THE player for the job.

In addition to yapping about his increased role with the Montreal club, Evans had a little bit to say about Mark Scheifele's check to him. While some people are still throwing rocks in Scheifele's face for that disgraceful move, Evans has moved on and doesn't seem to hold a grudge against his opponent at all.

"To be honest, it could have happened to anyone when a check comes with that much force. It doesn't change the way I handle myself on the ice. I have to play hard. If I didn't do that, I don't think I'd belong in the NHL. It's an unfortunate incident, but it's not my first (concussion). The best way to come back from this is to be able to move on," said Evans.

His vision is perfect and despite such a severe blow, he's playing the same type of hockey he was playing before this one. That's character and leadership from a young man only 25 years old.
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