Jake Allen once quibbled with one of his former "padawans" once

Published September 28, 2021 at 9:00 PM

Jake Allen spent nearly 12 years in the St.Louis Blues organization. He served as the starting goalie for several years for the Missouri team, until Jordan Binnington came into the picture.


These two formed the Blues' goaltending duo for two seasons, so Jake Allen got to watch Binnington in action up close. It's no secret that Jordan Binnington is a very impulsive individual. He has been involved in various altercations since he arrived at the professional level.

Here are a few examples:

Binnington frustrated Binnington vs Colorado

Jake Allen was on the Cam and Strick podcast to discuss several topics, including Jordan Binnington. When asked about Jordan Binnington's temper, Jake Allen was asked if he has ever had to intervene to bring the tempestuous guard to order. The Tricolore's auxiliary goaltender mentioned one time in particular when Binnington was out of line.

"He had garroted the puck on one of the opposing players and I had said to him, 'Calm down Binner, you can't do that now'."

Allen is an established NHL veteran, so Binnington had to keep his head down, when he was around. A young man coming into the big league can't do anything, Allen handled it well, like a true veteran!

Binnington seems to be a rather unique individual. We can see that, especially with this sequence. What a response!

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