Important development regarding Shea Weber and an announcement could be made soon

Published April 26, 2022 at 10:39

As you know, for the past few hours, many observers and journalists have been criticizing the Montreal Canadiens' captain, Shea Weber, for his total absence and silence since the beginning of the season, but especially this past weekend.

Many felt that it was unacceptable for Weber to be absent and silent, as part of the tribute to the great Guy Lafleur.

As Marco Normandin (HABSolumentFan) reports, Luc Gélinas (RDS) had some news this morning on the matter.

On 91.9 Sports, Gélinas reported that "Weber will be in attendance this Saturday along with Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes for the team's end-of-season review."

So Shea Weber will finally address the media and fans, and let's bet he'll be asked a lot of questions. (including his complete absence from the team's entourage this season and also, why he didn't show up at the Bell Centre on Sunday to pay his last respects to Guy Lafleur)

On Saturday, we will finally hear from him and, considering his presence, we could have an announcement.

Remember, he'll normally lose his captaincy, for next season, and Weber should get less criticism after that, but this season, let's just say he hasn't really played his leadership role well.

Will this be the announcement? (the end of his captaincy) More details to follow. It promises!

Are you disappointed with Captain Shea Weber's attitude this season? Who do you think will be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club?

Source: HABSolumentFan
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Important development regarding Shea Weber and an announcement could be made soon

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