Important development and good news for those who want the CH to trade Jeff Petry

Published July 7, 2022 at 7:58

It's no secret that defenseman Jeff Petry is on the trade market and could actually be traded in the next few hours.

As we told you yesterday:

A trade could really happen between the Stars and the Habs, even if Kent Hughes would have already targeted two young players from Dallas (the names are mentioned in the article above).

Again, in a press conference earlier this week, Kent Hughes clearly stated that if he gets the right offer, he will trade Petry.


Pierre LeBrun just reiterated that two teams are ahead of the game in the race to acquire Jeff Petry: the Dallas Stars and the Detroit Red Wings.

As for the chances of Petry being traded to Dallas, they would skyrocket if John Klingberg left the Stars.

Well big development, we just learned that Klingberg is leaving the Stars!

"John Klingberg will officially test the free agent market on July 13. Discussions with the Stars have been cordial, but there doesn't seem to be a way to keep him in Dallas, for now." - Frank Seravalli

Klingberg will be as free as a bird in a few days, and he'll obviously sign elsewhere. It will likely be a big impact with the Habs:

"Dallas was said to be a plausible destination for Jeff Petry if John Klingberg tests the free-agent market.

John Klingberg is testing the free-agent market. So Dallas is a plausible destination for Jeff Petry! ;)" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

Clearly, the Stars GM will now be much more able and willing to pay the price necessary to acquire Petry.

See here what Patrick Lortie recently reported:

"They are first making a final push to (sign) John Klingberg. If that fails, Petry is definitely a priority option for them. The Canadiens would have offered a forward, as well, but the Stars would look at one of their goalies instead. As for the Canadiens, they are pushing hard for one of Antonio Stranges or Mavrik Bourque." - Patrick Lortie

Really interesting! Especially since now we know that this latest attempt to sign Klingberg failed. Plus, let's note that Hughes has reportedly already targeted players, so negotiations are pretty advanced! (from what we understand, at least)

Stranges, 20, was drafted 123rd overall by Dallas in 2020. He has 84 points (31 goals) in 60 OHL games this season with the London Knights (and 11 points, including 5 goals, in 6 playoff games)

Bourque, 20, was drafted 30th overall by Dallas in 2020. He has 68 points (20 goals) in 31 QMJHL games this season with the Shawinigan Cataractes (and 25 points, including 9 goals, in 16 playoff games)

Do you think this news (Klingberg becoming a free agent) brings Petry closer to Dallas? Do you think a trade could be made at the draft?

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Important development and good news for those who want the CH to trade Jeff Petry

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