Hughes has officially placed three players on the trade market and there is a surprise

Published November 4, 2022 at 9:50 PM

With the return of Joel Edmundson and the mysterious placement of Evgenii Dadonov on the injured list, things are starting to happen for the Montreal Canadiens, and it's only the beginning.

Soon, Kent Hughes will have to make a decision and he will have to let one of his forwards go (when Dadonov is reactivated from IR).

There has indeed been a lot of speculation on the subject, but now it comes from a very knowledgeable source:

"Pierre LeBrun, in the Insider Trading capsule, says the Canadiens have been calling teams about their surplus of forwards. The names being targeted are Dadonov, Drouin or Hoffman. [...]" - NHL Watcher

We've suspected this for a while, but now it's coming from Pierre LeBrun! Kent Hughes is currently calling the other general managers, outright to try and trade a forward.

Three names are clearly on the trade market: Evgenii Dadonov, Jonathan Drouin and Mike Hoffman.

A nice surprise.

It's not so surprising to see that these three players are openly available on the trade market, but it's a nice surprise to learn that there is starting to be interest.

"[...] One of the teams the Canadiens have had contact with is the Washington Capitals, who are also looking internally." - NHL Watcher

There's another important thing to know:

"Pierre LeBrun mentions here that the CH and Caps have discussed a potential deal that would send a Montreal forward to Washington, they having lost the long-term services of Connor Brown.

Could they close the deal soon? To be continued!"

Effectively, the Capitals lost winger Connor Brown long term, due to a serious injury. So now they have the space under the salary cap, and they need an established winger. (which is exactly what Kent Hughes wants to sell)

Could they replace Connor Brown (3.6 million) with Jonathan Drouin (5.5 million), Mike Hoffman (4.5 million) or Evgenii Dadonov (5 million)? Kent Hughes might have to hold back some money, but it seems realistic, in return for a draft pick.

Would you do it? One thing is for sure, the patience of the Tricolore's GM could pay off, and it's a nice surprise to know that there is starting to be interest.

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Hughes has officially placed three players on the trade market and there is a surprise

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