Huge statement from Gary Bettman on the playoff format

Published May 5, 2022 at 8:22

During his live press from Edmonton on Wednesday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman mentioned that he did not want to expand his playoff format to include more teams or games, unlike the NBA or MLB.

Bettman believes that the NHL's current ratio of 16 to 32 creates the best possible situation.

"The reason it's so good is because the regular season and playoffs are meaningful," Bettman said. "Having half of our teams eligible is, I think, the right balance, I think it creates great competition throughout the regular season. The Stanley Cup is the hardest to win, and there's nothing in any sport like our first round."

The NHL commissioner says he is not at all interested in changing anything, just for the sake of making changes.

"Look, I love the fact that people are so passionate about the game that there's always a debate about what we can change, but change for the sake of change, or change because someone else is doing it differently, under the right circumstances can make sense, but for us, right now, we like where we are."

Do you agree with him?

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Huge statement from Gary Bettman on the playoff format

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