How can the Habs revive Jonathan Drouin?

Published December 13, 2021 at 7:46 PM

After starting the season in great fashion on a personal level, Jonathan Drouin seems almost non-existent these last few weeks. Yet, he is one of those who should be standing up in the locker room, especially in the absence of several important elements of the Habs.

However, number 92 has only scored two goals in his last twenty games, and has not scored a single power play goal in over two years. This is not nearly enough production, even though he has never been considered a maverick.

That's why the analysts of the Sortie de zone podcast, and in particular Stephane Waite, wondered how the Habs would go about getting the St. Agathe native back in the game, and their conclusion is simple: he'll have to shoot towards the opposing net more often!

At some point, it's all well and good to be a playmaker, but Jonathan Drouin is going to have to take his responsibilities as a top-6 forward and start trying to put it in the net by himself. 39 shots on goal in 23 games is too few for a forward of his caliber!

It's obviously very difficult for a player to change and do more than he's used to, but Dominique Ducharme may need to have a discussion with the player he's known since the junior ranks to stop relying on others.

After all, it's not like Jonathan Drouin really has a sniper to pass the puck to...
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