Here's why the NHL won't pause

Published December 31, 2021 at 12:24

With this shower of COVID-19 cases, many are wondering, including Cédric Paquette, when the National Hockey League will press pause. But based on Bill Daly's speech, this should not happen unless there is a major shift.

«In fact, if you accept the fact that once you are impacted by COVID-19, you will not be impacted again this year, then I don't anticipate any issues at the end of the season.

At some point we hope to see normalization of the games and the cases, and I think that will happen. It won't be overnight, it won't be next week, it probably won't be in two weeks. But I think by mid-January to the end of January we'll start to see a more standardized framework, a more standardized schedule, and we'll be in good shape,» said Bill Daly.

Let us hope that this scenario will happen and that hockey will continue to go on as it has become an essential product for people's morale. It is with sport that we manage to get out of everyday life and maintain a certain level of «happiness».
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