Here is the player the Habs should draft if they don't get the first pick

Published May 7, 2022 at 9:45 PM

Former QMJHL scout Simon Boisvert, in an interview with TVA Sports, suggested a player who is off the beaten path if the Habs do not get the first overall pick.

According to him, Conor Geekie would be the choice to select.

"Conor Geekie wouldn't have been No. 1 on my list every year, obviously. We're in a year where there are a few sure things in the top 10 and question marks, but no Matthews or McDavid. So you have to try to figure out who's going to be the best player in the draft by projecting everybody's career, not the next two years. This is really a year to project. Is Conor Geekie right now the best player? Not necessarily. But to me, he's the one who's going to be the best eventually.

The projection is easy. He is a 6'4" center who is just scratching the surface of his potential. He has great range and a great feel for the game. He's hardworking, he's very strong physically and he has a good shot.

A lot of times, great players like him look like they don't skate fast. But basically they take big strides and I've seen him catch guys on a breakaway, I've seen him break away from a roofer. It's just that it looks less. Me, I'm not worried about that in the National League." - Simon Boisvert

In 63 games this season with the Winnipeg Ice, Geekie has 70 points. He's 6 for 6 in the playoffs.

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