Here is a proposal that is getting a lot of reactions regarding Jeff Petry

Published February 22, 2022 at 4:43 PM

While his game has been heavily criticized since the start of the season, many fans would like to see Jeff Petry leave the organization as soon as possible. Quickly dealing the veteran defender, however, could be a bad idea for the Gorton / Hughes duo when the option of evaluating everything this summer seems the best.

As blogger Marco D'Amico reported on TSN690, the Habs has everything to gain by delaying the trade:

«I'm going to reiterate this. Petry has been growing his value under MSL. Patience in his case as he gets back to his game and grows his confidence. Habs should feel no pressure whatsoever about moving him for less than a haul. A strong finish to the season will spike his value in the summer." -Marco D'Amico

The blogger strongly believes that the value of the number 26 can only increase by the summer, especially when we know that few right-handed defenders will be available at the end of the season.

«Only three good right-handed Ds should be on the free agent market: John Klingberg, Kristopher Letang and Josh Manson. The other 31 teams will search for a good right-hander on defense." -Marco D'Amico

There is no doubt that the interest of teams looking for a right-handed defender will be great, especially if the three players mentioned above get along with a team quickly.

So unless Hughes finds his price, don't expect Petry to leave Habs by March 21. It is however not impossible that a GM wishes to open the bank by then and offers more than requested to the Habs. This will be interesting to follow.

Via Marqueur.com
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