Habs prospects: big statement from Logan Mailloux's head coach!

Published February 17, 2022 at 2:51 PM

Logan Mailloux has been turning heads since his return to the OHL. He has accumulated 8 points in 6 games and his game impresses. Interviewed by Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports, Rob Ramage, director of player development for the Habs, opened up on his assessment of the young defender.

«The hockey he is offering right now is directly related to the effort he put in during his enforced break,» Ramage said. "He worked like a dog on the ice at practice, but also off the ice. Today, he is reaping the dividends. He played six games and I found him very impressive. He impacted every game he took part in!"

His boss Mark Hunter has the same opinion, Ramage was able to meet him.

"Now you just have to realize that the sample is still very small in his case, but I'm really encouraged. I spoke to his general manager Mark Hunter this morning and he told me how grateful and excited he was to have Logan on his team. Mark was telling me that he totally changed the dynamic of the London Knights,» Ramage concluded.

It will be interesting to follow Mailloux's progress over the next few years, but his future looks bright.

Credits : TVA Sports
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