Guy Lafleur's beautiful home is for sale

Published August 23, 2022 at 4:22 PM

Four months ago, Quebec lost one of its greatest legends in Guy Lafleur. At the age of 70, the amazing hockey player left us as a result of lung cancer.

The family, still in mourning, wishes to turn the page by selling the sober but spacious home of Guy Lafleur and his wife located on Place du Moulin, on Île Bizard. The house will be put up for sale next week at an initial cost of $2.5M.

Mrs. Lise Lafleur, and her son Martin, opened the door to the Journal de Montréal to discuss this decision.

I hope it will sell quickly. I find it very, very difficult. I see Guy everywhere."

"I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm in withdrawal from Guy and my life before. It's a new life, but I have no bearings. I'm floundering right now," she says. I need to move to a new place. Everything reminds me of my old life." - Ms. Lafleur

It is not surprising that the land has a helipad to accommodate helicopters. This helipad has also led to a sublime anecdote between Madame Lafleur and the American actor and producer Michael Douglas. The pilot, who came to pick up the actor who had just played golf on the property adjacent to the house, landed his helicopter on the Lafleur property, to the great displeasure of Lise Lafleur and her plant pots!

All of a sudden, I see a helicopter. It was a big one. I said, "No! No! He's not landing here." When it landed, all my plant pots flew back. I was discouraged," she says, with a touch of exaggeration.

Then the pilot got off the plane. In front of the stunned look of the lady, he said: "Didn't Guy call you?" - Lise Lafleur

Buyers will have the option of purchasing the home furnished. The many frames, trophies and statues of the legend will not be included, but there is a possibility...

"If there is a special request from a buyer for one or two souvenirs, we can arrange it" - Martin Lafleur




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Guy Lafleur's beautiful home is for sale

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