Guy Carbonneau warned the Montreal Canadiens' management

Published February 4, 2022 at 1:29 PM

Guy Carbonneau was on 98.5 Sports Thursday night to talk about the Habs with host Mario Langlois.

According to the former Habs pilot, there could be disputes between the new management and the veterans, following the possible turn of events. Some players will change their address, that's almost certain.

"There are certainly players who will change teams"

The case of Carey Price could lead to many other issues, including the transaction of Shea Weber.

"The decision of Carey (Price) to continue his career or not will have a huge impact. If Carey decides to retire, we know that Shea Weber, probably 99 per cent, will retire."

However, Carbonneau remains clear that not all players on the market will be traded by March 21, for all sorts of reasons. Instead, some could be traded during the off-season. "Maybe there's going to be more people knocking on Kent Hughes' door, but you can't trade them all. They're not all tradeable."

Despite all the rumors of a potential rebuild in the Montreal Canadiens, Carbonneau used his rationalism to warn the new management. There are no guarantees in a rebuild, so the organization will have to be careful. They will have some big decisions to make very soon, so it's not bold to say that the two-headed monster will have its work cut out for it.

"We know that rebuilding a team today is extremely painful, it's extremely difficult, it's extremely time consuming and it's not guaranteed."

With these words from "Carbo", I can't help but think of the Buffalo Sabres, they have been rebuilding since the dawn of time...

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