Great news for CH fans who wanted Kent Hughes to move and make an important trade

Published July 6, 2022 at 12:25

The NHL Draft is just hours away and all Canadiens fans are eagerly awaiting the first round of the draft on Thursday night in front of a packed house at the Bell Centre.

Even if we still don't know who will be the first pick of the Habs, we can certainly say that the general manager, Kent Hughes, and his entire team are not idle and as reported by Jérémie Lussier, of Danslescoulisses.com, Hughes would even be the busiest GM in the entire NHL right now. This is great news for CH fans who are looking for a trade and want to see some action!

Kent Hughes is trying hard, he is creative and he is working to make it happen. So don't be surprised if a major trade is announced by tomorrow night. It even seems "likely" at this point.

At least that's what an anonymous source reported to tipster Jimmy Murphy of Montreal Hockey Now, and he also mentions that Hughes has a plan in mind and is working hard to make it happen.

"I have to give it to Kent, he's creative and determined. What I think has helped him as an agent turned GM is the amount of kids he has seen come up through the ranks as he recruits them. He's very connected at the amateur level and that helps him in trade discussions."

Because not only is there the draft coming up in the next few days, but there is also the opening of the uncompensated free agent market and Hughes will certainly try to free up some payroll space.

But to get back to the draft, the latest rumors are that the Habs intend to acquire another first round pick, maybe even a top ten selection and still according to Murphy, there would be a lot of calls for Jeff Petry, Josh Anderson and Christian Dvorak.

We recall that Hughes has 14 picks in total, which is huge for only one year of the draft and many experts expect the Habs' GM to be very active in the coming days.

Are we just hours away from seeing the Habs make their first personnel move?

It's quite possible and to be honest with you, I can't remember an NHL draft where there were so many rumors surrounding the Habs and if half of the rumors were to become reality, we could say that Kent Hughes' first NHL draft as general manager will have been quite something.

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Great news for CH fans who wanted Kent Hughes to move and make an important trade

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