Fresh news about Joel Teasdale's knee

Published September 16, 2021 at 11:05

I don't hide it, Joel Teasdale remains one of my favorite prospects of the Montreal Canadiens. A true warrior, just like Brendan Gallagher and Rafaël Harvey-Pinard. In his own way, Tease is a special player, you ask Joel Bouchard, he will not hesitate to tell you how much he loves Teasdale, his former protégé.

That said, after an 18-month absence due to a nasty right knee injury, for which he underwent surgery, Teasdale was back in 2021... and he re-injured that same knee on April 23. This injury means that he can't participate in the rookie camp right now, that he will miss the Habs camp and that he will miss the beginning of the next schedule.

However, the news about his knee is very positive, according to Marc-Antoine Godin:

"According to our information, Teasdale has not yet started skating properly and will not be able to start the season on time. However, doctors expect him to regain full strength in his knee, so the 22-year-old forward should not have to deal with any after-effects that could hinder his development."

This is still great news under the circumstances, but let's hope Teasdale isn't reluctant when he returns to the game. Could the fear of re-injuring himself in that spot be haunting him?
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