François Gagnon does not hesitate to flay Romanov

Published November 2, 2021 at 9:48 PM

With a 3-8-0 record, the criticism of the Tricolore's players comes from everywhere and it is not about to stop. In a market like Montreal, it's only natural with the team's extensive media coverage.

Today, on the airwaves of 91.9 Sports, it's François Gagnon's turn to make his criticism and the player targeted is Alexander Romanov. According to him, the Russian defenseman is so mixed on the ice that he also mixes his teammates.

His minus-3 differential can attest to this, as he is among the top 5 CH players with the worst differential since the beginning of the season. Only one defenseman has a worse differential than Romanov and that's David Savard, his teammate in the last few games.

Dominique Ducharme must be looking forward to inserting Joel Edmundson in the lineup to stabilize his defense. It will also be interesting to see if the possible addition of Mattias Norlinder to the lineup could help the CH's defensive brigade.

One thing is for sure, something has to happen with this team. It needs a spark! Otherwise, it could be a long season...
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