Four prospects that could slip into the hands of Jeff Gorton

Jeff Drouin
January 6, 2022  (8:08 PM)

With many aging veterans in the Habs, a rebuilding process seems inevitable. In addition, with the many changes in the organization's offices, the trend seems to be really pointing in this direction.

However, there are four young prospects that still belong to the CH right now that could be free as air next summer if Jeff Gorton does not agree on the terms of a contract with them. They are Jacob Olofsson, Jack Gorniak, Brett Stapley and Jordan Harris.
The biggest name among them is undoubtedly Jordan Harris. The defenseman who plays for a fourth year in the NCAA has racked up 64 points in 109 games in the US university ranks. He also participated in the 2020 World Junior Championship with Team USA.
There is also Jack Gorniak who plays on the offense with the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin, former team of Cole Caufield. Gorniak, 22, picked up eight points in 20 games this season. He was a fourth-round pick in 2018.
As for Stapley, who plays at centre, he has a great season with the University of Denver with a 22-point run in 18 games. He was a seventh-round pick in 2018.
On Jacob Olofsson's side, he is currently working in Europe. He is on his third team this season and has only scored six points in 26 games.
If there is one issue that should be a priority among them, it is Jordan Harris. The Canadiens must retain his rights. Otherwise, its loss could cause great harm to the organization.
In your opinion, will Jeff Gorton be able to retain Harris's services? Will he be tempted to retain the services of another of these prospects?
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