Former teammate takes a jab at Joel Armia, harshly criticizing his level of play

Published November 25, 2022 at 3:36 PM

Joel Armia's former teammate with the Winnipeg Jets and the Montreal Canadiens, Mathieu Perreault, has been very critical of Armia's play since the beginning of the season.

Speaking on "La Poche bleue le midi", the former CH number 85 even mentioned that the 29-year-old Finn is the biggest disappointment of the year for the Canadiens in his eyes.

"He's got bagels on both sides and zeros all over the place. He's at -4 and he's not contributing anything. He's getting scored on more than he's scoring on because he's got no goals. It's a shame because I played with him in Winnipeg and Montreal and the assets he has are incredible. The hands, the physicality, the strength, he has everything you need to be a good player. But he doesn't put it together and he doesn't put the effort in more than he needs to. That's definitely my disappointment." - Mathieu Perreault

The Quebecer even denounces a statement you often hear about No. 40, that he's a sequence guy. Perreault refuses to believe that he is one, because he has never really proven it.

"They say he's a sequence guy, but when is the sequence going to come? It seems like it's been two years since there's been a sequence." - Mathieu Perreault

It must be said that he is not wrong about this. Despite still having a good game against the Blackhawks today, Armia is a multi-season veteran and he still hasn't been able to find any semblance of consistency in his game.

With two more seasons at $3.4M after this year, he's definitely another bad contract left by the old management.

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Former teammate takes a jab at Joel Armia, harshly criticizing his level of play

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