Filip Mesar and the CH are really not on the same page, he made it clear and it makes people react

Published September 19, 2022 at 4:37 PM

You've probably heard about it in the last few hours, especially after his brilliant performance during the Montreal Canadiens' rookie camp, but the Filip Mesar file is complex.

Obviously, he won't play the season with the CH, it's too early for him, but it's still really unclear in his case, and we have no idea where he will play this season.

As Arpon Basu mentions in his most recent article on The Athletic, there is a lot of confusion right now.

On the one hand, last week, the reputable Jeff Marek (Sportsnet) mentioned that Mesar would be playing with the Kitchener Rangers in the junior ranks (in the OHL).


However, the information has since been questioned, because Mesar would have clearly indicated to the CH's management that he would really like to play professionally this season (either in the AHL, in Laval, or in Sweden).

Considering that he played professionally in Slovakia for the last two seasons, it is understandable.

The most realistic option would be Sweden, but the Montreal management would not want him to go to Europe. They would rather keep him here, to be able to better coach him and keep an eye on him in North America.

As reported by our colleagues at, there clearly seems to be a divergence of vision between Mesar and Habs management, they are not on the same page.

At the end of the day, the important thing here is to make the best decision, for the sake and development of the young first round pick.

To be continued, until the end of the training camp of the big club!

Let's remember here that the CH has the possibility to play Mesar in Laval this season and that the youngster has indeed made it clear that he does not want to play in the OHL. He wants to stay in the pros (while the Habs seemed to be leaning towards sending him to Kitchener).

For the important details:

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Filip Mesar and the CH are really not on the same page, he made it clear and it makes people react

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