Expert Links Future Star Player with the Canadiens and it Would be Huge

Published July 23, 2023 at 9:09

The month of July is not yet over, many are already analyzing the upcoming NHL season. Predictions are already surfacing on social media, including the one below, which is causing a stir among fans of the Montreal Canadiens.


This scenario, which combines fan predictions, analyst JFresh's calculation model, and betting odds, places the Canadiens at the 31st spot out of the 32 teams in the league. Only the Chicago Blackhawks, with their new star Connor Bedard, are projected to perform worse than the Montreal team.

Let's have some fun analyzing this bold prediction. It's noteworthy that the Detroit Red Wings and the Calgary Flames would make it to the playoffs, while surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Los Angeles Kings would miss out.

A point to note: the Winnipeg Jets (yes, the Jets) would finish in the second position in the NHL. They would outperform the Bruins, the Hurricanes, and even the Leafs.

Here's a potential explanation:

Now, returning to the Canadiens' ranking, it would be seen by many as a disappointment considering the progress the club has made. Many expected the team to compete in the middle of the overall standings, even having a chance, especially before mid-season, to secure a playoff spot. However, the proposed ranking shows a certain stability in the club's progress (in terms of points) for the next season.

If we compare it to a similar survey from last season, the best prediction was off by 9.3 ranking points. Fans were particularly off the mark with predictions for the Bruins (by 40 points), the Devils (by 26 points), the Blue Jackets (by 25 points), and the Kraken (by 20 points).

This means that this prediction could also lead to figures that are far from reality. We will have to wait until next April to see if this expert's first real prediction for the upcoming season turns out to be true or not.

In any case, if this expert's prediction comes true, the good news is that the Canadiens could secure a top 3 pick in the next NHL draft, which means they could select a star player.

Whether it's Macklin Celebrini or Cole Eiserman, it could be a major turning point for the future of the organization.
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Expert Links Future Star Player with the Canadiens and it Would be Huge

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