Every day, Martin St. Louis does something unique in the NHL

Published April 1, 2022 at 12:05

One of the most important aspects of being a head coach in the NHL is communication with your players.

In the past, it has to be said that this has been a shortcoming with some Habs coaches, including Dominique Ducharme. But as David Armoni of Marqueur.com reports, communication is not an issue with Martin St. Louis.

On TVA Sports' Temps d'arrêt podcast, host Louis Jean and former Canadiens player Alexandre Picard discussed this topic that few have talked about since St-Louis took over the helm.

Picard brought up a pretty interesting point:

"At the professional level, there aren't many coaches like St. Louis who talk to players individually as often. I can't remember a coach who did that."

It's unique in the NHL, to see a coach do that on a daily basis. Every day, he's constantly talking to his players individually to make sure everyone understands the decisions and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

That's the St. Louis effect.

For his part, Louis Jean added that St-Louis leads his team with passion and that his players endorse his approach behind the bench.

St-Louis does it for the right reasons, because he is passionate, not to try to look good. He does it without any preconceived notions. It's hyper-refreshing.

"I don't know if you can keep this up for very long, but one thing is for sure: players are drinking in the words of their coach. They pay attention to what he asks them to do. They want to learn and improve. They want to show that they are not a 32nd-place team, that they are better collectively and individually than others may think."

Let's just say it's a change from Dominique Ducharme, when some players seemed to ignore his directives during practices shortly before his firing.

The Habs have maintained a 10-8-4 record since Martin St-Louis arrived behind the bench. Although the team's performance has declined slightly in recent games, the effort is often there.

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Every day, Martin St. Louis does something unique in the NHL

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