Evander Kane responded quite harshly to the accusations made by his wife

Published August 1, 2021 at 6:01 PM

As he is facing serious accusations of abandonment and sports betting, San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane responded to his "soon-to-be ex-wife's" comments on Twitter this morning.

According to his version of events, Kane would never, ever bet on NHL hockey games, let alone those involving his own team.

"Unfortunately, I would like to address the completely false accusations of my spouse, and soon-to-be ex-wife," Kane wrote.

"Even though my legal team advises against it, I firmly believe that the public and fans need to hear this from me. I have never bet on a hockey game, I have never bet on a Sharks game, I have never bet on any of my games and I have never thrown a hockey game."

"I'm proud of the fact that I had the best season of my career last year and I've never been more consistent," he continued. I love hockey and I would never do what I am accused of doing. I will cooperate fully with the league's investigation, clear my name and look forward to next season."

He also made a point of recalling, in the second part of his statement, the love he has for his daughter, and he says he has always done whatever it takes to make sure his family does not lack for anything. Finally, he assures that he tried to contact his daughter several times, but that his wife would not let him talk to her.

An immediate response

This last passage, moreover, seems to have brought his spouse Anna out of her depth, she who took only a few moments to respond again to her "ex-husband" on his Instagram account.

"You try to contact her on FaceTime when she's napping or sleeping. She doesn't even know what FaceTime is," she wrote. "You are able to afford a hotel room in Europe, but not in San Jose to see your daughter who you think is important."

"I also offered you to leave home for a week or two. I proposed it to you in our message exchanges so that you could see her, but you prefer to party and play. I would like to have access to the media like you. Continue to lie", she added.

In short, it is two very different versions that we are entitled to. However, considering the seriousness of the accusations and the investigation already underway by the NHL, we should soon find out who is telling the truth in this very sensitive matter. To be continued...
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