Evander Kane in Kent Hughes' sights?

Published May 13, 2022 at 5:10 PM

As an unrestricted player without compensation at the end of the playoffs, the controversial Evander Kane will certainly ask for the moon this summer.

Will the Edmonton Oilers be able to give him what he wants? The chances are pretty slim.

In 43 games this season with Edmonton, Kane has 39 points and nine points in six playoff games.

On 98.5 FM Thursday night, Guillaume Latendresse said that Evander Kane is one of the best players in the NHL.

"I think he's proven in the playoffs, the way he's been performing, that he's a guy who's capable. He's a talent, he's not just a good player in the National League. Evander Kane, to me he's an elite player and then he's a guy that can make a difference in a lineup..."

On the other hand, if Kane becomes a free agent this summer, Maxim Lapierre does not believe that he would be in the sights of Kent Hughes.

"No chance on my side, I just think it's easy to be a good guy for two months. I think Evander Kane has proven that in the long run, the end result, it's never very, very positive. Is he a good hockey player? He's one of the very, very good hockey players I've seen. On the toughness side, and the pure talent, the mix of the two is pretty incredible. He's able to throw down the gloves as well, able to sacrifice himself for the team, but off the ice I think the organizations in the league have so much more to worry about than a guy who creates problems. At some point, it's enough..."

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Evander Kane in Kent Hughes' sights?

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