Enrico Ciccone confirmed that Robin Lehner was not a liar

Published November 8, 2021 at 4:28 PM

Enrico Ciccone is no longer active in the hockey world, having turned to politics a few years ago. However, "Cicco" is involved in some hockey issues and, true to his authenticity, he came to the defense of a certain Robin Lehner regarding his statement on the non-prescription drugs that teams give to their players.

The former tough guy confirms that the enigmatic goaltender's claims are true...

"It confused me, what Lehner said about the pills. I've been off them for 20 years and I was wondering if they'd fixed the problem. How many times did we get medicated by the caretakers?

I had Voltaren at will when I was playing. These anti-inflammatories must be prescribed by a doctor. The trainers have plenty of them in the locker room. But they are not doctors. When you see the trainers walk by in the aisle of the plane offering you sleeping pills and anti-inflammatories... come on, it's the trainer!" - Cicco

There! 20 years later, it's still like that. I've even had players tell me about "pot" muffins to calm them down after the excitement of a game, which is pretty crazy, right? Professional sports are sick, but that's okay because it's the culture. Yes, the culture...

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Ciccone, for this clarification confirming that Lehner didn't make this exit for nothing!
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