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Dubas and the Leafs about to make a surprise acquisition and hit a real home run?

Published July 6, 2022 at 0:28

While all of our attention is currently focused on the 2022 NHL Draft, with good reason, we will soon have to focus on the infamous opening day of the free agent market (which is less than ten days away).

There could be some movement, especially in front of the net for several organizations. This is especially the case for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who will most likely not re-sign their goalie Jack Campbell.

They will have to turn to free agents to replace him.

In the last few minutes, journalist Pierre LeBrun revealed an important piece of information. According to what he just learned, the excellent Quebec goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, who will be free as a bird in a few days, would be interested in signing with the Leafs.

This would be a major move for them! In addition, today, the renowned Elliotte Friedman (Sportsnet) added a good layer.

Friedman on 32TP talks about Marc-Andre Fleury: "There were people saying he didn't want to go to Toronto, I don't think that's true, I just think the Leafs and Blackhawks couldn't agree on the trade and that's because Chicago wanted Knies and Toronto weren't willing to do that." Friedman also says Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Colorado (if Kuemper leaves) and Toronto are possible destinations for him.

- NHL Watcher

Since Friedman's comments, the Penguins have signed Casey DeSmith, so that possibly eliminates them from the derby, and according to new info, there's a good chance Kuemper will return to Colorado. That would leave MIN and TOR as possible destinations for Marc-Andre Fleury.

Where do you think he will sign? Minnesota? Toronto? Elsewhere?

One thing is for sure, if he becomes the Maple Leafs' new #1 goalie, it would be quite a surprise, but it would also be quite a home run for them.

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Dubas and the Leafs about to make a surprise acquisition and hit a real home run?

Where will Fleury sign?

Minnesota6523.8 %
Toronto9434.4 %
Colorado6122.3 %
Pittsburgh5319.4 %
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