Did Chantal Machabée cancel her interview with Jonathan Drouin?

Published September 14, 2021 at 5:58 PM

According to a comment by Chantal Machabée on Twitter, according to rumors, all indications are that her scheduled interview next Monday with Jonathan Drouin would be cancelled.

David Ettedgui published his potential Montreal Canadiens roster and Jonathan Drouin was not on it, plus he had some information that he could not disclose. Moreover, the page created for the interview of Chantal Machabée and Jonathan Drouin was deleted.

So a supporter wanted to know if there was a link between the two events. Chantal and David mentioned that there was no link between the two situations.

But what's going on with Jonathan Drouin? A potential transaction? A confession? One thing is for sure, there is something wrong with this story. We will know soon, that's for sure.

Details to come...
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