Dave Morissette surpasses none other than Leon Draisaitl

Published February 5, 2022 at 10:04

On Friday night, Leon Draisaitl had a tough time competing in the National Hockey League Skills Competition. The Oilers forward took part in the precision-fire competition where the four targets at each corner of the net were to be hit.

However, the German had all the miseries of the world to complete this event. It took him just over 36 seconds to reach all four targets. That earned him last place in this competition.

By way of comparison, Dave Morissette and Guillaume Latendresse played the same game and they had the upper hand on the Oilers player. Morissette hit all four targets in seven shots while Latendresse only took five shots to hit them all.

Draisaitl will certainly want to put this counter-performance into oblivion quite quickly!
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