Daniel Brière can say thank you to the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 5, 2022 at 4:47 PM

Daniel Brière was a finalist with the Montreal Canadiens, but lost to a strong Kent Hughes. Despite this «setback», Brière possessed all the qualities necessary to fulfill the role of general manager within the NHL.

But after this rewarding process with the CH, Brière wants to focus on the Philadelphia Flyers for the future. Of course, the team that could have lost its "ace" colt, wants to keep it. He was nominated as the GM assistant of Chuck Fletcher.

To me, all this suggests that Brière will take on the role of GM when the Flyers decide to take Fletcher down. It climbs the stages one by one, which is perfect!

In the end, the studies he did following his career, in sports management, have been very useful to him since the launch of his second career.
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