Damning news about former New York Islanders star Mike Bossy

Jeff Drouin
October 19, 2021  (6:22 PM)

TVA Sports Network has announced that one of its analysts and former New York Islanders star Mike Bossy has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The 64-year-old took the opportunity to explain the reason for his absence from television for a while through a statement.
"For over six years, through TVA Sports, you have let me into your living rooms. I have had the privilege of telling you about hockey as I understand it, as I know it. You have heard me analyze goals and saves, comment on passes, predict defeat or victory. You've seen me laugh and sometimes argue with my colleagues. You have agreed, or disagreed, with my opinions, which are always well taken. I have told you anecdotes from my time and I have tried to transmit my passion for this sport which has nourished me for many years. I wanted to share my experiences with you and you have always been attentive to my words. Thank you for your attention.
Today, it is with great sorrow that I must withdraw from your screens, for an obligatory break. A necessary break during which I will have to receive treatments for lung cancer. 1-0 for now, but I have not said my last word...
I can assure you that I intend to fight with all the determination and enthusiasm that you have seen me display on the ice and in my game. The same determination that helped me achieve my dreams and goals, the same determination that propelled me to the top of my sport when I was still wearing my skates.
In hockey, you always have to stop between periods to re-stick the ice, heal injuries, fix breaks, rest, revise the game plan, absorb the energy of the crowd and come back STRONGER. Come back stronger with one goal in mind: to win and give it your all.
The battle I am about to face will not be easy. I will give 100%, nothing less, with the goal of meeting you again soon, after a hectic hockey game. You will never be far from my thoughts. On the contrary, you will occupy a privileged place in my thoughts and you will be one of my motivations to get better.
Like the athletes who are about to give the performance of their lives, I will need all my strength and all my concentration. Surrounded by my family and friends, I want to preserve this sacred and peaceful space, away from the cameras and interviews.
I trust that I can count on your discretion and understanding.
Best regards and see you soon,
Mike Bossy"
This news saddens me greatly! Bossy is one of the best scorers in NHL history and such a good person. The Fanadiens.com team wishes this hockey legend a speedy recovery ❤🙏
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