Cole Caufield is highly undervalued by The Athletic Network...

Published September 10, 2021 at 5:30 PM

The Athletic recently released their list of the top drafted players 23 and under in the NHL. Not surprisingly, Cole Caufield is among that list of 32 players. However, what is surprising is his ranking...

The American forward is ranked 23rd on this list, notably behind Nick Suzuki, who is ranked 14th. Ahead of Caufield, there are some questionable picks. No, they are not bad players, quite the contrary, but are they and will they be better than Caufield?

In my humble opinion, for now, the following players should not be ahead of Caufield, considering what the Canadiens' number 22 has proven so far in the NHL. He has shown great things in the playoffs, for example.

Dylan Cozens (Sabres) 15th
Jamie Drysdale (Ducks) 16th
Kaapo Kakko (Rangers) 20th
Dylan Guenther (Coyotes) 21st

Again, they aren't bad players, but for now, Caufield is ahead of them in his development.

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