Cole Caufield has not been the same for three games

Published December 20, 2021 at 11:16

Cole Caufield has had a very rough start to the campaign, experiencing kind of a sophomore jinx. The diminutive forward, who is known as a maverick, has scored just one goal so far in 23 games.

Prior to the last three games, he was felt to be hesitant, lacking confidence and conviction, which made him much less dynamic in the offensive zone. However, in the last three games, we have seen the Caufield of the good old days.

Thanks to Ryan Poehling and Artturi Lehkonen, he has regained his energy, which makes him very threatening in the opposing zone. He uses his lightning shot, he moves his feet, and then he gets into the action.

By the way, because of that, he got 10 scoring chances, picked up 32 loose pucks in the offensive zone, and then had eight assists in the slot, which shows he's finally positioning himself the right way.


In short, if he continues to play exactly this way, he will eventually unlock and score goals on a more consistent basis.


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