Cole Caufield has fallen back into his bad habits

Published December 17, 2021 at 8:37

*Note that this was written before Cole Caufield's excellent game on Thursday night against the Flyers.*

After a strong playoff run last summer, all hopes were high for Cole Caufield's rookie season.

However, things are not going as planned as the young forward is struggling to make a name for himself with the Habs. In 22 games in Montreal, the 20-year-old American has one goal and five assists on his record.

After a short six-game stint with the Rocket, the number 22 was recalled due to the numerous injuries with the Tricolore. Many questioned the decision as Caufield began to regain his confidence in the AHL.

However, it's the same story that is repeating itself as the forward has struggled to distinguish himself since his return to Montreal. Is it time to let him finish the season in Laval? TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau addressed the issue on the "JiC" show.

"He only has one goal in 22 games! I know we liked what we saw from him on the power play on Tuesday against the Penguins, but a hockey game is mostly played at five on five."

It's true to say that Caufield needs to improve his even-strength game. Known for his precise shooting skills, he'll need to find a way to pull his weight in all aspects of the game.

"This season, at even strength, Caufield has fallen back into his bad habits. He's staying away from the action and waiting for the perfect pass along the rail in hopes of scoring with a catch-and-shoot."

According to the reporter, it's not for lack of talent that Caufield doesn't do the little things right, but for lack of confidence. To get it back, there's only one option available.

"And why does he do that? It's certainly not because he's forgotten how to play hockey! It's only because of a lack of confidence. And how do you deal with a scorer who is running around and not scoring?áBy sending him to Laval and allowing him to find his bearings!"

The talent of the 15th overall pick in 2019 is undeniable and the Habs cannot afford to waste it. Now with Jeff Gorton at the helm of the CH, we'll see if he will favor patience in his case.
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