Cole Caufield has a message for Montreal Canadiens management and fans

Published June 5, 2022 at 9:48

Cole Caufield had a two-part season with the Montreal Canadiens in his rookie season.

He was completely silent at the beginning of the season and the production was not there, but after the arrival of Martin St-Louis, the change was truly impressive and drastic.

First half of the season: 8 points and 1 goal (in 29 games)

Second half of the season: 35 points and 22 goals (in 38 games)

In addition to his involvement on the scoresheet, which has changed markedly, there is also his off-ice involvement which seems to have reached another level. Caufield is talking a lot more and, despite his young age, he seems to be showing some leadership.

The youngster has already gained experience and confidence. That sounds like a lot.

In fact, as reported by our colleagues at, yesterday, Caufield threw out quite a message, proving this point.

He genuinely wants to win and get things moving in the right direction:

"We're an organization for whom winning is so crucial and that's the way it should be. We have to win. We need to implement a winning culture. Trust us, we'll all be ready by next training camp." - Cole Caufield

Words of a winner and a leader. Maybe he'll get a letter on his jersey, too, sooner than later?

In any case, he clearly doesn't sound like a guy who expects to miss the playoffs for a few more seasons. Despite the fact that the CH is in a "rebuild", there is no question of having a different mentality, and we love to hear that.

It's a promise for the future! Caufield seems to have clearly understood the importance of winning, for Montreal, and for the fans.

Go Habs Go!


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Cole Caufield has a message for Montreal Canadiens management and fans

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