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Chantal Machabée on the so-called trade between the Habs and Arizona involving Shea Weber

Published March 29, 2022 at 11:11

A few days ago, Steve Dangle reported that the league would have refused a transaction between the Coyotes and the Canadiens that involved Shea Weber. According to his sources, the NHL thought that it would have had too many repercussions.

Tuesday morning, on the airwaves of 91.9 Sports, Chantal Machabée was willing to rectify things on this subject. According to what she reported, the NHL never intervened in the trade between Kent Hughes and Bill Armstrong.

The league never intervened, that's not true. That's not true because, well, I was there, I was aware of the development of that and never did the league intervene and I checked again when I had dinner with Kent on Sunday night." - Chantal Machabée

She did, however, agree, in hushed tones, that there have been discussions between the CH and the Coyotes regarding the captain.

"There, I can't go there, because it didn't happen and I'm not allowed to talk about it, you'll understand. But draw your own conclusions." - Chantal Machabée

The Canadiens' vice president of hockey communications, who was in the organization's war room at the trade deadline, says she loved the experience. She even advised the CH staff about certain players in a deal that ultimately fell through. Her experience as a journalist has given her insight into the personalities of many players in the league...

Many other subjects were discussed, such as the NHL GM meeting, the signing of Jordan Harris, Jonathan Drouin's injury, Carey Price's recent absence and a nice anecdote about Cole Caufield. We invite you to listen to this tasty segment.

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Chantal Machabée on the so-called trade between the Habs and Arizona involving Shea Weber

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