Chantal Machabée creates a surprise by announcing that she had a say in a Kent Hughes trade

Published June 19, 2022 at 2:25 PM

In the last few hours, the Montreal Canadiens' excellent new VP of Communications, Chantal Machabée, gave a very generous interview and touched on several important issues, including this one:

The former RDS journalist agreed to look back on her few months of experience:

"It's more intense, we get along. I'm VP hockey communications so I take care of the team, the players, I'm with them other in the daily life. I'm there at all the practices, all the road and home games and so it's seven days a week."

She also rightly agreed to compare her new job, with her old job as a journalist:

"When I was a reporter and I was covering that team, I felt like we didn't have a lot of information. We had some, but you had to scrape a lot and, me, I want to give it much more freely. My heart belongs to the CH and my ultimate goal is to restore the organization's reputation."

And it is very well gone to do it! One thing is certain, since her arrival we can clearly see the "Chantal Machabée effect", in terms of communications and transparency at the CH. It is really night and day, if we compare with the old regime.

In closing, Chantal revealed information that took everyone by surprise, but at the same time, that is so logical.

Chantal Machabée admitted to having been consulted, on a few occasions, by Kent Hughes and by Jeff Gorton, before concluding certain trades.

She had a big say in at least one of them. Wow!

That says a lot about her importance within the organization, it says a lot about her knowledge and also, it says a lot (positively) about the Hughes-Gorton tandem.

We love it!

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Chantal Machabée creates a surprise by announcing that she had a say in a Kent Hughes trade

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