Carey Price's probable return date and intentions are revealed

Published April 7, 2022 at 11:33 PM

The Carey Price situation continues to generate a lot of reactions from journalists and Montreal Canadiens fans, and rightly so.

We are so anxious to see him return to the game and with the last few months, with the retirement rumors, and all the complications, it will be a very big moment. And from the way he's been going lately (again this morning), it's really coming soon.

We can now expect to see him in front of the net next Monday, according to the experts.

But what is Carey's ultimate goal? What are his intentions?

Appearing on the La Dose podcast today, the excellent journalist Marc-André Perreault (TVA Sports) went into detail about Price's goal.

See the journalist's words, as reported by the excellent Christian Matte, of

"I think the goal is to play just one (game). You have to remember one thing: Price, he got it in the face there. There was the surgery, there was the rehab, again. From an emotional, psychological standpoint, what he went through, it's not easy."

"You're Superman all your life, you're the king, everyone looks at you you're the best, you're the best looking, you're the finest and bang, you end up in rehab. It's not easy what Carey went through. I think for him, just to play a game, this year, it would be a big win, it would be that for everyone, it would be a beautiful moment." - Marc-Andre Perreault

Well said! So, for now, we have to understand that Carey Price's goal is to play a game by the end of the season, at least one!

That would be such a big accomplishment for him and once that goal is reached, it could change everything for him, confidence-wise.

Perreault adds that it would be the end of the setbacks and bad news for Carey. The organization, the doctors, the experts, the players... everyone is overly optimistic and confident that Price will be back to his old self. Once this famous first game is played, it will be quite a step and the rest will be exciting for the fans.

His goal is to play one, but of course he will try to surpass that goal. (by a lot)

Remember that a few weeks ago, Carey's former goalie coach, Stephane Waite, said he expected to see #31 play and dominate for "a few more years". That gives you hope!

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Carey Price's probable return date and intentions are revealed

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