Carey Price made a VERY reassuring revelation

Published September 15, 2021 at 4:55 PM

If you were wondering if Carey Price would ever leave the Montreal Canadiens, rest assured, he's not going anywhere. Number 31 almost went to the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft last July, except he wasn't too concerned about that. His goal was always to stay with the Habs.

"At the time, when we were figuring out what to do, we weren't too worried about a move. Then there was all this buzz around the draft that put everything in question. However, we knew we wanted to stay in Montreal, but what was going to happen was going to happen," he told in an interview published Wednesday.

Recall that Marc Bergevin had made him available for the Kraken, but Ron Francis decided not to select him, but instead opted for defenseman Cale Fleury.

If Price had landed in Seattle, he still would have seen a lot of positives.

"We knew that if it was to happen and we had to go to Seattle, we would have been close to our family."

According to him, he will stay in Montreal for the rest of his career. Nothing worries him anymore, obviously.

"However, I'm grateful to be back here and at the end of the day, I'll be a Montreal Canadien for the rest of my career."

Carey Price knows that repeating last year's success won't be easy, but he remains confident. He will help the newcomers integrate so that the chemistry takes shape.

"In trying to match our success from last season, we have a big challenge. Every year you're not sure how things will go when you get to training camp. Everyone has the same goal in mind," he said simply. "Obviously, we've lost some really important pieces of our roster, but the general manager is doing his best job to try to fill those holes. We'll try to get off to a good start and get the new players in and get the group going."

The task of returning to the Stanley Cup Final will not be easy, but with a united group, anything is possible. There is no doubt that Price will take the reins of the Canadiens, considering that Shea Weber will not be in his position next season. Price's leadership will be considerably important, considering the circumstances.

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