Carey Price is no longer in Quebec

Published July 21, 2021 at 9:27

During his short summer vacation, Carey Price is certainly aware that he remains the main topic in Montreal and throughout the National Hockey League since he has not been protected by the Habs. But while everything is buzzing about him on the networks, Price is enjoying his time with his family.

The Price family took a brief trip to Kelowna to look at the renovations on their summer home. The renovations are progressing well and are almost complete, which obviously excites the family. Anyway, after this brief visit to make sure everything was in order, the family drove six hours to Tri-City... and then it will certainly be Washington State (near Seattle). The goal is to visit family and friends, nothing more.

Despite the strong rumors that Carey Price is headed to Seattle, more than 50% according to some pundits, we're not talking about a visit to meet Ron Francis and tour the facilities. This is only a family vacation trip.

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